About Us

We operate like an in-house agency

Since 1985 TimComm President John LeGear has been helping businesses and national not-for-profit organizations elevate their profile to achieve their goals. Our approach is founded upon rock solid communications principles and sensible marketing tools that fit your business profile. Call today to talk about how we might be able to expand upon your best ideas, discuss some of our own, and put together a plan that helps ensure success.

Our sensible, efficient approach

We're a boutique marketing communications company that caters to those with big dreams and modest budgets, which is how we got started in the first place. Our service begins with one-on-one consultation to grid map the landscape and consider the possibilities. We'll prepare a summary report of what we've learned and include our best recommendations to get started, along with baseline costs. And if only to ensure your comfort, we'll structure an agreement letter to give you an out-clause after 60 days.