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Marketing communications services that have been bringing out the best of our client companies since 1985

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We operate like an in-house agency

Since 1985 Timothy Communications Inc. has been providing marketing communications services and sales support to businesses and national not-for-profit organizations to elevate their profile and, in doing so, help achieve goals. Our approach is founded upon rock solid communications principles, relationship building, and tailor-made marcom tools that fit your business. 

About Us

Our sensible, efficient approach

We're a boutique marketing communications agency that caters to those with big dreams and modest budgets, which is how we got started ourselves. Our services begin with one-on-one consultation to grid map the landscape and lay out the possibilities. We then prepare an executive summary, which includes our best recommendations to get started, with baseline costs. And if only to ensure our client's comfort, we structure the initial agreement to include an out-clause after 60 days.